Immagine Eyewear has suffered badly from the recession on the Italian market, with sales down by 20 percent. Domestic sales represent 40 percent of the Italian company's total turnover, which reached €3.5 million thanks to better performance from exports. The company has had to take measures such as cutting down on advertising spending and increasing direct sales to customers. Immagine Eyewear admits it has had to use the aggressive methods of the major players, offering its customers generous conditions for returning unsold stock. This is something the smaller players are unable to do, as it is more difficult for them to recycle the stock on alternative markets.

Immagine Eyewear has also opted to enhance certain top-end products, using special materials such as leather and wood in combination with acetate and aluminum. These items retail at €250 a pair, with volumes of around 100,000 pairs entirely made in Italy. The best markets, in order, are Canada, France, Germany, Australia and South Korea. In January of this year, a young South Korean company, Haute Jalousie, began selling the Italian producer's X-Ide and Rye & Lye brands.