In a widely expected move, the large Boots plc group has decided to integrate into the management of its well-known chain of pharmacies, Boots the Chemists, the management of its Boots Opticians chain and of Boots Services, another division that handles its LASIK clinics, dentistry practices, health care services and insurance. The respective head office teams will be integrated over the next 3 months, but no job losses are expected in the immediate future. The group points out that UK customers already see Boots as one organization and that the move can generate major synergies in marketing and operations. Norman Usher will remain in charge of Boots Opticians and Boots Services. For the 2ndf quarter, Boots plc has reported a 3.0 percent rise in overall revenues for the group, with a 2.9 percent increase on a same-store basis, but it has not provided any details about the performance of its optical stores, which are developing a new franchising program and moving more into larger suburban locations.