In California, a bill has been introduced that would require students to receive eye health information when enrolling in school. The bill – AB 2444 - has been introduced by Autumn Burke, a member of California Assembly (D-Inglewood), and is supported by the State Board of Optometry and the California Optometric Association (COA). AB 2444 would require that information on the student's eye health and good vision be included in the school enrolment packets that parents receive. Assemblywoman Burke said in a statement that children often manifest learning or behavioral problems which are in fact caused by vision problems, as they cannot focus on school work or simply on the blackboard. The proposed legislation is meant to help the students who receive the most basic, in-school vision screenings to connect with follow-up care, when vision problems are detected. The bill also suggests that the education department and State Board of Optometry establish a pilot program, in participating school districts, to promote early detection of eye and vision problems, which would run during the 2020-23 school years.