In its first nine months on the eyewear market, Borsalino generated over €€1.5 million, all domestically. Its 2010 results have obliged its licensee, Brands O.I., controlled by a holding company called B&E, to rethink its ambitions. The brand known for its famous men's hats is also present in the apparel, leathergoods and perfume markets. Last year, when the eyewear line was launched, the company was targeting sales of €5 million for 2010, but by September 2010 the figure generated was half that amount. Production is now at full capacity, with a target of €4 million, €€2.7 million on the domestic market and €€1.3 million for exports, mainly in France. Negotiations are under way with distributors in Russia, South America and the Far East, the target being the most prestigious retail outlets. In Italy, the firm has an agreement with Salmoiraghi concerning 40 top-end stores. Borsalino has now succeeded in achieving one of its 2010 aims, to be present in a total of 600 stores.