Intercast, which spends 5-6 percent of its turnover on R&D, has invested €15 million on its NXT project, applying a highly flexible, state-of-the-art material guaranteed to be indestructible, developed by the US military and made available to the Italian company under worldwide license covering sun lenses, sports visors and visors for motorcycle crash helmets. One-third of the investment has gone into the related R&D, partly subsidized by the Italian government in the name of technological innovation. A medium-term loan has been granted to finance one-third of the balance of €10 million, which was essentially spent on the 7,000-square-meter factory (about one-tenth of the size that we had previously reported, which referred to its square footage) set up for the production of the new line. Aside from Aspex of Canada, De Rigo now has a total of 6 sunglass brands fitted with NXT lenses, including Fendi and Police. Allison uses NXT for its Ferré collection. Luxottica has Ray-Ban and Chanel and Safilo has Max Mara and Polo.