International interest in Novacel's Leica Eycare is said to be high, especially after its recent launch of its new Variovid Volterra progressive lens, which won a Silmo d'Or award in September (Eyewear Intelligence Vol. 20 N° 13+14 of Nov. 4). Leica Eyecare has already found distributors in Hungary, the Baltics, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Russia, Portugal, the U.K., Ireland, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Iceland. Outside Europe, it also has signed up distributors in Canada, Lebanon and Mauritius, with more countries in the pipeline for next year. The European market and the Middle East have been under the care of Adriana Jamroz, at Novacel's office in Munich, since last May. Jamroz previously worked for Seiko Europe in customer service and customs.