Italia Independent has decided to take over distribution of its collections from February 2010, the aim being to establish complete control over its activity, from design through to sale to the opticians. There will be 7 agents for the domestic market, while in other countries distributors will be responsible for sales but shipping and invoicing will be centralized from head office. The company has set up an after-sales service with an internal lab to provide assistance to opticians, who will also be able to use Italia Independent's new website, aptly named Ambassador. Among new products showcased at Mido were two new ultra-light, hand-brushed metal frames with plastic tips, from the Alfa Romeo Occhiali line belonging to Fiat. Based in Turin, Italia Independent plans to grow from 300 to 500 outlets in Italy by 2010, but also in other countries - in France, its second largest market, where it has a concept store in St Tropez, also in Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, with Germany to come in the near future.