Fiamp, the Italian federation grouping producers of many different kinds of fashion accessories, including eyewear, has created the brand ALL ACCESSories for use by its members as an umbrella name for their trade shows - Mido, Micam, Mifur and Mipel ? starting with their next sessions, which are all scheduled to take place in Milan between March 4 and 9, 2011.

The federation has also launched an observatory to analyze fashion, economic and social trends impacting the industry.

Since 2009, Mido is organized in proximity with the Micam shoe show, the Mipel leathergoods fair and the Mifur fur exhibition in an effort to make it more attractive for boutique owners and other international buyers of a wide range of accessories, while giving more exposure to exhibitors. In March 2010, the four shows attracted 3,339 exhibitors and 161,578 buyers, making it more difficult for some to find suitable hotel accommodation at reasonable prices.

The next Mido will start on March 4 and end on March 6, while Micam, Mifur and Mipel will run simultaneously from March 6-9. The four shows will be grouped under the umbrella name ALL ACCESSories International Fashion Accessories Week and will carry out joint communication and hospitality events, with backing from municipal and regional authorities. Press conferences to promote the event are scheduled in New York and Moscow in January and in Tokyo in February. To stress the interconnection between the industries, passes for each show will give access to the other three exhibitions.

To obtain additional visibility, the exhibitions intend in the future to align their dates with the Italian Fashion Week, which will run next year from Feb. 23 to March 1.

Meanwhile, Faimp has released an interesting survey on accessories carried out by the research group Brandvalue among 6,000 people in six countries ? Italy, France, Russia, the U.S., China and Japan. The document shows among other things that more than 80 percent of those interviewed continuously bought bags, shoes and eyewear over the past two years.

The purchase price for eyewear varied between €78 and €318 a pair. For 38 percent of those interviewed, eyewear purchases were determined by the spectacles' capacity of enhancing one's looks and in 30 percent of the cases by the quality of the lenses. Consumers did not demonstrate great loyalty to points of sales and 20 percent of those interviewed indicated readiness to buy eyewear online in over the next two years.