Vision Group has acquired Optical Master Club (OMC), another Italian group of opticians with some 100 members in various regions, but mainly in the center of Italy. The acquisition takes Vision Group practically to a total of 1,500 members.

The deal is that Vision Group will acquire shares in Optical Master Club on a gradual basis, working up to a majority stake. OMC will retain its autonomy, specific characteristics and management. Defining itself as a “selling group” rather than a “buying group,” OMC sees its mission as the development of better marketing strategies for optical retailers. The group's chairman, Vito De Martino, has optical stores in the Calabria region and a center for diagnosis at Crotone.

Vision Group has a broader identity, with a diversity of characteristics depending on the nature of Its five sub-groups: Vision Ottica, Vision Service (the original group), Vision Is, Euro Vista and now Optical Master Club. The wider environment has proved beneficial to its components: Vision Is, for example, has gained 30 new members.

Vision Group's wholesale activity in 2011 amounted to €98 million, roughly the same as in 2010 on a comparable basis. The rate of increase doesn't take account of the contribution of Vision Is, which joined the group at the beginning of last year. The year actually began for Vision Group with a small increase in the first half, but this was cancelled out by the points lost from August onwards, when the Italian market was well and truly hit by the recession.