Italy’s eyewear exports fell by 2.9 percent in the first half of this year, declining by 1.8 percent for frames and by 3.6 percent for sunglasses, according to the statistics that we have received just before going to press from Anfao, the Italian eyewear industry association. Sales declined also in Italy, especially in the sunglass segment, because of the weather and political uncertainties. Outside Italy, the industry’s turnover dropped by 2.5 percent in the rest of Europe, by 2.3 percent in the Americas and by 4.5 percent in Asia. In the U.S., which remains the biggest foreign market with a share of 25 percent, sales remained flat for frames but dropped by 12.2 percent for sunglasses. In Europe, sales declined by 4.8 percent in France, by 6.0 percent in Germany and by 9.5 percent in Spain, but they rose by 0.4 percent in the U.K., by 27.8 percent in Norway and by 21.4 percent in Sweden. The sales declines in France, Germany and Spain were largely due to lower sales of sunglasses, which went down in those three markets by 9.9 percent, by 7.2 percent and by 12.4 percent, respectively, partly because of the weather. Outside Europe, Anfao noted increases of 26.7 percent in Mexico and 28.1 percent in India. The association is cautiously optimistic for the balance of the year because the rate of decline registered on the export front softened in May and June.