Jackie Chan, the Chinese movie star, is lending his name to a broad range of lifestyle products including eyewear, which is being developed and manufactured by Moulin International. The first collection, whose offering preceded the decision to embark on a Jackie Chan brand, hit stores in Asia and Japan in 1999 and sold out. The second collection was introduced to what the brand describes as a tepid response at the Magic sportswear show in Las Vegas in August. It was also shown at the Hong Kong Optical fair last Fall, featuring 10 models of titanium-framed sunglasses priced at $80-100 per pair, targeting consumers between the ages of 20 and 50.

The Jackie Chan label will also encompass clothing, headwear, backpacks, accessories, toys, and footwear. His first flagship store is about to open in Beijing, in the presence of government dignitaries and other film celebrities. The international distribution set-up and the timing of national product introductions should become more clear by then.

The Chinese movie star, who has also found success in Hollywood with ?Rumble in the Bronx? and ?Rush Hour,? has long sought to meld Western and Eastern cultures, and this is what he intends to do with his lifestyle brand. The licensees of Jackie Chan want to make out of his brand something in a class with Giorgio Armani or Calvin Klein, though they don't see it competing with these labels directly, but rather aiming for a totally different lifestyle-oriented market.