Johnson & Johnson, CIBA Vision and other major contact lens firms are coming back to the SILMO fair, scheduled to run this year from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2. This should help compensate for the pull-out of some Italian producers of eyewear frames that have been renting about 2 percent of the total exhibition space. Some 80 percent of the exhibitors at the Paris fair favored the second or third week of October in a poll taken last January, but some are changing their minds following the unexpected changes in MIDO's dates, which were announced without any prior consultation with the French. SILMO's organizers are looking at the possibility of earlier dates from 2009 onward and on a long-term basis, but they are hampered by the large Mondiale de l'Automobile car show, which traditionally takes place in Paris every other year during the third week of October. This year it will run from Oct. 4 to Oct. 19.