Johnson & Johnson Vision Care reported sales growth of 13.2 percent for the full 2008 year, with a final figure of $2,500 million. Excluding currency effects this was growth of 8.6 percent. In its domestic market, the U.S., sales were up by 9.6 percent to $890 million. They grew even more, by 15.2 percent, outside the home market, an increase of 8.0 percent not including currency effects. For the fourth quarter the vision care division grew by 6.4 percent to $602 million, or a 5.7 percent increase not counting currency rates. That comprised growth of 5.8 percent to $201 million in the U.S. and 6.6 percent outside the domestic market to $401 million, or growth of 5.5 percent without currency taken into account. The company noted that one of the primary contributors to the divison was Vistakon's disposable contact lenses.