Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has announced that it has inked a definitive deal to acquire TearScience through Abbott Medical Optics, its surgical vision operating company. The financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed. The acquisition is expected to close by the end of the year subject to antitrust clearance and other customary closing conditions. TearScience is based at the Resarch Triangle Park, in North Carolina, one of the largest research parks in the world. The company specializes in the production of devices for the evaluation of meibomian gland health and the treatment of the meibomian gland dysfunction, a leading underlying cause of dry eye disease. The meibomian gland dysfunction is estimated to be the cause for more than 60 percent of people living with dry eye condition. TearScience has obtained clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its office-based treatment of meibomian glands and for treating the meibomian gland dysfunction. TearScience has introduced a meibomian gland imaging system that allows physicians to examine the meibomian glands with retroillumination and infrared imaging. TearScience devices are available in the U.S. and other markets globally. Following the expected closing of the acquisition, sales will be reported in J&J's Medical Devices segment under Vision Care.