Jôrg Spangemacher, the well-known and highly respected publisher of the Focus, Mafo and Globalcontact magazines in Germany, is retiring at the age of 74, but his publishing company will continue to operate like before, with Petros Sioutis acting as managing director and Silke Sage as editor in chief. Jörg, whom we knew well, started Focus as an independent trade magazine in 1981, after working for several years as editor of Augenoptiker, the official journal of the German Opticians' Association (ZVA). He started to organize an annual conference under the brand of his more technical-oriented Mafo magazine on the day before in Paris in 2000, and then moved it to Mido in Milan eight years later. At the same time, he launched a Chinese edition of Focus with a local partner, with some difficulties at the start. A few weeks ago, the cosmopolitan journalist and opinion leader was inducted into the Hall of Fame of The Vision Council's Lab Division in the U.S.