Julbo broke off with its Austrian distributor Kitz Sportive at the end of last year. Starting this month, the company is managing the distribution of its products in Austria on its own. A new customer service center for the German, Austrian and Swiss markets was set up recently in the Swiss town of Winterthur. Bertrand Ragonneau-Flemming, who was previously in charge of the company's sales in Germany and Switzerland, will now run it. At the moment, three employees are working in the new office and Julbo plans to engage two more employees by the end of this year. In Austria, Julbo has hired a sales representative and is now searching for a second one to support the company's sales in the market. In Switzerland, Julbo's products are sold by four sales reps, and in Germany by five sales reps and three sales employees. Last year, Julbo recorded sales of €21 million for its sports eyewear segment and €24 million in total last year, up by about 5 percent. The company expects stable growth in 2012.