Kuboraum's latest collection confirms its link to the world of art. The Berlin-based eyewear brand asked a sculptor, Danilo Bucchi, to create ten unique frames, which were exhibited in January at the Monocle Eyewear Gallery in Rome, close to the Italian Parliament. Bucchi chose three typical, iconic Kuboraum designs made of acetate, and mixed techniques, including incision, collage, bas-relief and resining to create what Kuboraum is defining as “masks.” The brand was actually co-founded in Berlin in 2012 by a sculptor-designer, Livio Graziottin, together with an anthropologist and marketing expert, Sergio Eusebi, with a business plan based on Italian craftmanship. The frames are designed in Berlin and handmade in Italy. Kuboraum is available in around 30 countries worldwide. Its glasses retail in Italy for €285 to €620 a pair. The company declines to reveal its financial data.