Les Entreprises de l’Optique Ophtalmique (LEOO), a group of 80 French eyewear companies and a member of the national industry association GIFO, made a few days ago an online presentation to French opticians on the different labels of origin available in the country. The event followed a consumers’ survey commissioned by GIFO earlier this year which showed that 77 percent of consumers would favor glasses or contact lenses with a French origin for their next purchase. The presentation focused on the main differences between the Made in France standard, a self-declarative label based on European rules with retrospective controls by the national customs, and the Origine France Garantie label, a paid service obtained after an audit by a private organization. One of the main criteria for both labels is the percentage of the product’s added value that is acquired in France, with respective minimums of 45 percent for Made in France and 50 percent for Origine France Garantie. The presentation went through a series of very specific case studies, looking in details at which frames could claim one of the two labels of origin depending on which parts were imported and which operations were performed in France. Other regional labels such as Made in Jura and Origin’Ain were also presented during the webinar.