Novacel, the lens laboratory that was Covid-19 certified last month, has recently become a member of the French Association pour l’Amélioration de la Vue (AsnaV), joining Essilor France, BBGR and Transitions in the lens makers’ member group. Founded in 1954, AsnaV is a non-profit organization that brings the French eyewear industry – lens, contact lens and glasses companies – with ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians under the same roof. The association works for a better awareness of vision care issues in the country through general public information and the training of healthcare professionals. Among other actions, AsnaV organizes in October each year the Journées de la Vision (vision days), a marketing and press relation campaign to prompt more people to have their eyesight checked. It also organizes regular opinion polls on the visual health problems of French people, dubbed Baromètre de la Vue (vision barometer). The association called for an urgent prevention plan last year, particularly aimed at young people, after its survey showed that 75 percent of the 16-24 year old regularly experienced eyestrains, because of their extensive use of screens, but also that 29 percent of them had not had their eyesight checked in the last two years. The next Baromètre de la Vue will be published in 2021.