Having approved a resolution to the effect, the board of directors of the World Council of Optometry (WCO) is encouraging optometrists to set a standard of care for myopia. According to the WCO’s president, Paul Folkesson, myopia is projected to affect more than five billion people by 2050. “Significant research has identified a number of interventions to potentially control the progression of myopia,” he says. “Establishing a standard of care that regularly and consistently applies these interventions, particularly at an early age, may prevent or delay the onset of myopia, or halt or slow its progression.” The standard has three parts: mitigation (advice on lifestyle, diet and other matters), measurement and management (through contact lenses, glasses or drugs).

The WCO has joined with CooperVision to conduct an awareness campaign around the world. They will be setting up some sort of informational hub, in multiple languages, with “myopia management resources and programming that currently have not been widely accessible or actively addressed in certain sectors or countries.”

The WCO has 38 affiliate members and 45 country member organizations representing about 114,000 optometrists.