Oakley has unveiled a Europe-wide integrated campaign featuring three motorsport icons: Fernando Alonso, the Spanish Formula 1 world champion, Valentino Rossi, one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all times, and Sébastien Loeb, the French rally legend. They will be featured in the company's new “Change Perspective” campaign, which will run across brand, media and retail channels in the U.K., Spain, France, Germany and Italy, building on the “Beyond Reason” campaign concept, which the company launched just before the 2012 Olympics.

Oakley invites its customers to look at the mindset of elite athletes and share their winning approach to the game, where the key message is that, to change the game, one has to look at the world from a different perspective. Ads will reveal Alonso as a road cyclist, Rossi as a rally driver and Loeb as a helicopter pilot. The print and digital campaign will run in several magazines and will appear on sport and lifestyle websites, including Yahoo and FHM. The campaign will also incorporate paid advertising across social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram, with a heavy focus on YouTube. A central campaign hub on www.oakley.com/changeperspective will draw together interaction and photo sharing across the brand's athlete and retailer social networks.

Meanwhile, Oakley is taking its Oakley Surf Shop Challenge for the first time to Europe, starting with France and Spain: The employees of five selected surf shops from southwest France and two from the rest of the country face one another and the team of a selected English store on the waves of Anglet between June 6 and 7. Then, on June 9 and 10, the teams of five shops in the Spanish Basque region and two from the rest of Spain will compete against each other and a Portuguese surf shop off the coast of San Sebastian.

The winners of the two competitions will then battle against each other to become the European Oakley Surf Shop Champion, which will be invited to the ASP WCT Oakley Pro in Bali. The contests will be staged in a fun atmosphere where the public will be able to support their favorite shop and see Oakley's latest innovations. The brand has been staging a national Oakley Surf Shop Challenge on the beaches of Southern California every year since the 1980s. It has evolved over the years to include seven qualifying region events, culminating last year in the surf championship in Bali.