Loubsol has obtained a formal certificate proving that its goggles are entirely manufactured in France. The French company, which was taken over by the Batteur group at the beginning of 2013, claims to be the only producer of snow goggles that has this kind of label, which seems to be cherished by many French consumers. Only the sheets used for the shields come from a foreign manufacturer, based in Italy. Another French brand, Cébé could claim title to the label before, but Marcolin, which took over the company in 1999, decided in 2007 to close down its French manufacturing facilities. They have not been reopened since its recent acquisition by the Bushnell group. Loubsol currently employs 26 persons, only a few less than before. The new owners, who employ about 800 persons in Normandy, have invested in new molds for 50 new products that will be presented to the trade next March.