Luxottica has signed a new labor contract with the trade unions representing its 11,430 employees in Italy. Valid until June 20, 2022, the agreement calls for the introduction of a co-decision process on the firm's direction with the participation of representatives of the employees and the management, the opportunity for the employees to acquire shares in the company – like the employees of Luxottica – and a flexible organization of the workflow. A total of 1,150 temporary workers will receive a permanent contract from July 1. Under the new scheme, part-time staff will be able to work eight-hour shifts during the seven months of high production and six-hour shifts in the remaining period of the year. Those already under a permanent contract can voluntarily choose to move to the flexible regime keeping their compensation unchanged, while receiving a bonus of €700 distributed over 12 months and 30 hours of training per year. In July, Luxottica will introduce an online platform to enable employees to independently track the days they work on-site and the payroll.