Luxottica presented an innovative “digital vision” concept for retailers at the latest edition of the Mido show in Milan. It allows the store staff to give customers access to the group's entire catalog of products through a “smart shopper,” enhancing the in-store experience with an intuitive, intelligent navigation facility that helps personalize the final choice. Advanced, proprietary technologies make it possible to virtually try out the chosen styles with the help of augmented reality. In addition, customers will be able to customize Ray-Ban and Oakley glasses through an interactive screen, choosing among a selection of frames, colors, lenses, temples, tips and cases. They may add engravings and other embellishments. The new virtual store will be made available to Luxottica's best clients, adding to the 20,000-odd “digital windows” that have already been installed at the company's own stores and those of its retail clients around the world. A similar interactive, digital experience is being offered to them through a “digital showroom” that Luxottica has installed at its New York office and that will soon be available also in Milan.