Many people tend to delay their eye exam for years. A recent survey by the Simplyhealth Advisory Research Panel (ShARP), an independent group of medical experts in the U.K., has revealed that more than half of potential patients put off their eye test for up to five years. Others admit having never having one. The organization interviewed 1,000 people aged 40-75 about their vision and attitudes to eye checks and discovered that 8 percent of those surveyed had never visited an optical store, while one in seven were driving with substandard vision. In total, 41 percent of respondents had noticed a deterioration in their vision but had done nothing about it. One in 10 just assumed that failing vision was an inevitable part of aging, while one in eight said they were postponing the test due to the possible costs related to it. Almost all respondents, namely 99 percent of them, could not identify the most common cause of blindness in the U.K., which is age-related macular degeneration, and only 31 percent knew what that condition meant.