Scandinavian Eyewear is a market leader in the Nordic European countries. Its acquisition by Marchon Eyewear – at an undisclosed price – will allow the American company to consolidated its penetration of the Scandinavian with its own collections. It will also provide Scandinavian Eyewear with an extensive international sales network for its own brands.

In addition to its own proprietary brand, Skaga, Scandinavian Eyewear has licensing deals with brands such as Oscar Jacobson and Oscar Magnuson. It markets other lines under the names Pilgrim, Lexington and Face Stockholm, and it has had collaborations over the years with well-known Swedish fashion designers such as Efva Attling, Sigvard Bernadotte and Sighsten Herrgård.

The business was founded in Sweden in 1948 by a Hungarian refugee, Lajos Lázár, and it was originally called Plastoptik and then renamed Skandinaviska Glasögonfabriken – or Skaga for short. In 1966, after a fire destroyed its factory, his business was bought by a larger concern which changed its name to Scandinavian Eyewear in 2003 and decided to focus on Skaga as a brand name.

Scandinavian Eyewear is generally known for its classical and elegant designs. The company already has distributors in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Poland, the Netherlands, Russia and the Baltic states.