Marcolin has officially opened a new manufacturing facility at Fortogna, raising the local staff by 30 people to 143 in a first stage, with 40 more to follow later on. The expansion of the facility, which Marcolin acquired from Marchon last October, will allow the company to double its in-house production of Italian-made acetate fronts and temples. The 3,500-square-meter building has been operational since last May.

For its part, Marchon is restructuring its production in Italy, liberating 2,000 m² of space at its local facilities at Puos d'Alpago by moving some logistic operations to the Netherlands. As reported earlier (Eyewear Intelligence – vol.15 n°17+18), Marchon has decided to invest €3 million in its Italian manufacturing facilities in order to increase local production levels by 30 percent.