Marcolin has already transferred the production of metal frames from its former facilities in Vallesella to a brand-new 12,000-square-meter production center recently inaugurated in Longarone,alongside the company's headquarters. The new facilities had already begun production of acetate frames, and have been designed to house production of the group's growing number of licenses and product lines for new markets.

The new site will now centralize the logistic operations previously handled by the distribution centers of the company's various subsidiaries worldwide, with the exception of an American factory in Arizona, resulting in better service levels and higher efficiencies. All finishing of semi-finished frames will be done at the new site, guaranteeing conformity of the final product to the standards of excellence required at the high end of the market. Longarone will also have a new design office where product design and development will be optimized and harmonized.

The new facilities are part of a development plan intended to keep the heart of the group's activity on Italian territory. In spite of higher costs, Marcolin is committed to maintaining its current level of Italian production, now centralized in Longarone. The group will continue to produce all luxury brands ? those retailing at €180 and more ? in Italy, while lines selling at between €90-120, i.e. the price range of competing brands such as Ray-Ban and Carrera, will continue to be produced by Asian contract manufacturers, mainly in China.