A new licensing agreement between Marcolin and Sixty, an Italian young fashion house that is budgeting a 540 billion lire (e279m-$231m) turnover for 2000, calls for Marcolin to produce sunglasses and prescription glasses with the Miss Sixty brand name for the global market. The new business is expected to generate sales of 22 billion lire (e11m-$9m) over the next four years.

The product will be distributed through the sales networks of both companies. Sixty is headquartered in Chieti, and has 7 sales subsidiaries and 4,200 doors carrying its various apparel lines around the world. Alongside the Miss Sixty brand, these lines, all targeting younger people, are sold under the Murphy & Nye, Killah Babe and Energie brand names. Marcolin's Miss Sixty eyewear line, which is for women only, will be produced and distributed in Italy and Europe starting in November of 2001. The distribution will be extended to the rest of the world at a later stage.