At a shareholders' meeting for Anfao and Mido on July 7, Cirillo Marcolin was named president, stepping in for Vittorio Tabacchi. He will serve a two-year term as president of those two organizations as well as for Fiamp, the Italian Federaion of Fashion and Personal Accessories.

Marcolin is a past president of Anfao and Mido, serving from 2003 to 2007, and last year he was vice president of Anfao and a Mido executive. Tabacchi, who is now the president of Eurom, will remain in his position as executive director of activities and institutional relationships at the Vision Defense Commission.

New executive vice presidents were named to Anfao's executive committee: Maurizio Dessolis of De Rigo Vision, executive director for large enterprises; Callisto Fedon of Giorgio Fedon & Figli, overseeing Certottica (the Italian Institute for Certification of Optical Products) and association marketing; Paolo Pettazzoni of Optovista, over the lens group and relationships with Italian distributors; and Renato Sopracolle, executive director for small enterprises and the district. Ten directors of the new Anfao executive committee were also named, as well as four new members for Mido's board of directors.