Maui Jim launched last month a special new “VirtualTryOn” function on its own website. Provided by FittingBox of France, the system allows customers for the first time to take photos from their Facebook pages and to use two forms of interactive technology to see themselves in a pair of glasses on the computer screen. One of the two technologies, called “VirtualFitLive,” makes use of a webcam to enable the user see how he or she looks when moving the head with any selected model of sunglasses before purchasing it. The other technology, “VirtualFitPhoto,” is static. It makes use of a photo taken with the webcam or from an album on Facebook for the “VirtualTryOn.” The user can save images with the selected sunglasses and share them with friends on Facebook. The launch of the new dual technology coincides with an enhancement of the Maui Jim website providing a 360-degree perspective on all the 86 styles in the company's collection.