Mister Spex doesn't want to give us its latest turnover figures. However, five years after its introduction of its special click-and-collect program with brick-and-mortar retailers in mid-2011, the German online retailer has put together a network of 550 partner opticians in Germany, placing it in third place in terms of the number of stores after the chains of Apollo Optik and Fielmann. Mister Spex works also with partner opticians in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, offering eyesight tests and other services in its behalf.

Customers can get their refraction, glasses and contact lenses fitted by any of these opticians close to them when they order a pair through Mister Spex' website. Eyesight tests can be performed at their physical stores for a fee of €9.90, which is reimbursed to the customers when he or she places a follow-up order at Mister Spex' online store. In addition to being paid for this service, the opticians receive a share of the turnover generated through the customer and act as exclusive partners in the area. .

Mister Spex was given recently a Red Dot Award for its first offline store, which was opened last February in the Alexa shopping mall of Berlin. The jury praised its innovative interior design for its communicative aspects of the space, was designed by the Dan Pearlman creative agency.  The jury mentioned the successful transfer of online buying processes to a stationary retail environment. It provides the shopping experience of a regular store, while accessing the advantages of online retail processes at the same time.