Mister Spex, Germany's biggest online eyewear retailer, has expanded into Sweden. The e-commerce retailer from Berlin launched its first Swedish online shop for contact lenses, frames, corrective lenses and sunglasses on April 17. As Sweden has the biggest population of all Scandinavian countries, Mister Spex chose it for entering the northern European market. Within the next 12 months, Mister Spex will be present in all Scandinavian countries. As the percentage of the population wearing contact lenses is above European average, Mister Spex concentrates primarily on the promotion of contact lenses at inexpensive prices. Swedish customers can also buy corrective lenses and sunglasses on the website misterspex.se. Mister Spex aims to be the leading online eyewear retailer in Europe. The Swedish online shop is seen as a step in this direction.