Intercast Europe, known for its Trivex-based NXT lenses, is about to report on a major new partnership, similar to the one announced with Julbo and Shamir at the Mido show in Milan (see the previous issue of EWI). Meanwhile, the Italian company has announced a new client, Yuka, and reported on a consolidation of its partnership with a small Austrian company, Gloryfy.

Yuka has chosen the NXT technology platform for a new collection of frames in six different shapes developed for its licensed Lotto collection..

After five years of development, Gloryfy came on the market one and a half years ago with a line of sunglasses and sports eyewear that use NXT lenses and with a claim that its G-Flex frames are similarly unbreakable. They are produced with a special elastic polyurethane-based polymer with shape memory at the company's own factory in Austria, which employs 15 people.

Intercast is now supplying NXT lenses also for Gloryfy's new line of snow goggles, which will be available in the stores next October. Intercast would like Gloryfy to use its NXT material also for some of its frames, like for example De Rigo, which has adopted it for some styles in its Police, Escada and Zegna collections.