Morel is decreasing the number of brands used for its sunglasses from three – 1880, Koali and Öga – to one, called Azur, supplying them with new high-performance lenses through an exclusive partnership with Divel Italia. The French frame producer has nevertheless split its singular Azur collection into three segments. “Trend” centers on fashion and features a blue anti-glare coating on the inside. The technical, all-terrain glasses in the “Eyetech” segment have a green anti-glare coating on their IR Block lenses, which deflect 85 percent of infrared light and thereby keep the air cool between the lenses and the wearer's face. “Heritage,” finally, features a gold inner coating on lenses rated UV420, which extends deflection of UV400 lenses to shorter wavelengths of ultraviolet light. All the lenses in the Azur line are 100 percent polarized. Founded in 1880, Morel is headquartered in Morbel, France. Divel is based in Calderara di Reno, Italy.