Mr. Lens, an interesting Swiss virtual shop for contact lenses and solutions, has set up a similar e-commerce operation for the German market, called, and is planning to move into France with its whole range of products and services in about two months' time. It already entered the Austrian market last year and it is negotiating to move into the U.S. market.

One of the big attractions of being a customer of Mr. Lens is the fact that you can accumulate miles by buying products on the website thanks to its exclusive partnership with Miles & More, the international airline loyalty scheme. In fact, customers can get miles by purchasing not only the contact lenses and solutions that it offers, but also a variety of other products including sunglasses, toiletries and perfume.

Thanks to this program, Mr. Lens has won clients all over the world, although the majority of its 75,000 customers are in Switzerland. The focus of Mr. Lens' offer is on a line of high-quality private label contact lenses that are made in Korea.

Another strength of Mr. Lens is a state-of-the-art logistic and fulfillment apparatus. Markus Falb, a Swiss software expert who started the operation in 2002, has placed it at the disposal of partners in the Middle East and Asia who operate their own e-commerce operations for the sale of sunglasses and other products.