The call to celebrate National Sunglasses Day, championed by the Vision Council in the U.S., received widespread support from global eyewear and eyecare companies in the country. Held annually on June 27, National Sunglasses Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of ultraviolet-protective eyewear to protect long-term eye health. 

Major industry players pledged their support for the campaign including Safilo Group, which agreed to offer discounts for qualifying orders. Eyes of Faith offered an order add-on deal for customers. Vuarnet released a media pitch about National Sunglasses Day.

Most interestingly, perhaps, Eyeking, the licensee for Under Armour eyewear, partnered with Ripken Baseball to sponsor a nationwide competition for the best essay about the importance of eye protection in order to “See like an Athlete.” The contest involved young members of baseball and softball teams aged between 8 and 12.

National Sunglasses Day was recognized by the U.S. Congress as a public health awareness day in 2014. It's not yet an official day in most other countries. In the U.K., however, where National Sunglasses Day coincided with the first day of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, Optoplast Actman marked the occasion with the release of 11 sunglass styles under its new Walter & Herbert brand. Designed, tested and manufactured in England, the styles are inspired by those worn by British celebrities and Hollywood stars of the 1940s.

National Sunglasses Day is one of the public awareness initiatives of the Vision Council, a non-profit trade association for eyewear manufacturers and suppliers, secured key media coverage of its action and reached out to consumers via social media with the official hashtags #NationalSunglassesDay and #SunglassSelfie.

Another major public awareness campaign conducted in the U.S. by the Vision Council is Think About Your Eyes. Organized in concert with the American Optometric Association, it is meant to educate people about eye health and encourages them to get a comprehensive eye exam every year. It uses funds contributed by many stakeholders. The latest one to join the action is Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, which has committed $1.8 million to support it.