Net sales rose by 20.7 percent for Advanced Medical Optics in the first quarter ended March 28, reaching $303.7 million, although net earnings declined to $6.9 million from $12.1 million in the same period in 2007. The net sales result included a 6.5 percent rise related to foreign currency exchange rates. Sales were up by 4.4 percent on a comparative basis, adding up those of IntraLase for the corresponding quarter of 2007. AMO bought that company in April 2007. Sales of eye-care products slipped by 0.5 percent in dollars to $59.0 million, with those of multipurpose solutions falling by 24.6 percent due to a memorable product recall just as the company was bidding for Bausch & Lomb. On a sequential basis, sales of multipurpose solution increased by 26.9 percent from the last quarter of 2007, as the company re-entered this market with its Complete Multipurpose Solution Easy Rub formula. Sales of hydrogen peroxide were up by 27.1 percent from a year ago to $17.6 million, and sales of other eye-care products were up by 37.0 percent partly due to the U.S. launch of Blink Tears, the company's first over-the-counter product for dry eyes.