Jan Rosenberg has been appointed as the new chief executive of Silhouette International, taking the place of David Rogger after two years in service. He will work together with Thomas Windischbauer, chief operating officer and chief financial officer of the big Austrian-based company founded and still 100 percent owned by the Schmied family.

Rosenberg comes with a significant background in international sales and branding, having served as a top manager of Triumph International and CEO of the CBR Fashion Group. At Silhouette, he took on immediate responsibility from April 1 for marketing, sales, product development, design and human resources.

With an annual turnover of more than €150 million and distribution in more than 100 countries, Silhouette remains one of the major players in the international eyewear market. More than 95 percent of the revenues are generated outside Austria.

Besides its namesake collection, which continues to focus on rimless glasses, and the Adidas eyewear license, Silhouette will launch globally next June a new line, Neubau, named after the young and lively district of Vienna of that name. Silhouette says it is inspired by the innovative ideas, the fashion trends, the contemporary art, the music and the other young and creative elements of this and other similar urban districts around the world.