The Brien Holden Vision Institute and Mark'ennovy, a European-based manufacturer of monthly replacement contact lenses, have agreed on a strategic alliance that includes a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement for soft contact lenses.

Under the terms of the agreement, the partners will develop and market an affordable line of soft contact lenses in silicone hydrogel with a new design to address myopia control and presbyopia. Roughly one-half of the world's population is predicted to be myopic by 2050, and Europe is expected to have the oldest “average age” population in the world.

The Brien Holden Vision Institute is an Australian scientific research and social organization that employs more than 300 people globally and is active in education, innovation, licensing and public-health blindness prevention. In the new venture, Mark'ennovy will bring its manufacturing capabilities for producing individually crafted lenses at high capacity levels.

The institute will contribute its patented designs, including extended depth of focus, or EDOF, designs. Mark'ennovy has a presence in Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain and the U.K., Spain and sells its products exclusively through eyecare professionals, while also working with industry groups and chains.

The institute has focused primarily on research and licensing to major corporations, but announced the opening of commercial entities in Australia, China, India and the U.S. in 2014.