PPG and Intercast have come up with a new sun lens technology that allows Trivex ophthalmic lenses produced by PPG to be combined with NXT color processing techniques developed by Intercast, the Italian optical technology firm acquired in 2006 by PPG. The system allows the optical laboratories to apply the correction to the lens without having to worry about chromatic processing. The lenses can thus be delivered to the opticians much more quickly, with cost savings on laboratory time.

The new lens, for both sport and fashion, is called NXT Rx Sun. The principle of the confined tint technology introduced on the NXT Rx Sun products is that the chromatic or photochromatic elements and sun filters are embedded in the first millimeter of the outer side of the semi-finished lens, allowing surfacing on its back side. As the NXT patent states, the color is not coated onto the lens but is an intrinsic part of the lens material. The rest is clear Trivex, and this inner part of the lens can be graduated according to the optician's prescription, without affecting the chromatic components.

The chromatic elements are integrated in the first millimeter only, thus avoiding the changes in the tint that tend to occur in places where the graduation process has modified the thickness of the lens. The normal procedure is in fact that prescription lenses are immersed in a chromatic solution after surfacing. With NXT technology this phase is no longer necessary, and the optician's prescription can be applied as in a normal lens.

It enables opticians to offer rapid delivery of prescription sunglasses to their customers, but also provides a great solution for the major sunglass producers to propose models that can easily be adapted for prescription glasses.

The NXT Rx Sun line complements the NXT range of plano lenses. Its launch is being supported by a global marketing campaign. A polarized version is in the pipeline for introduction by Intercast in the Fall.