Several exhibitors have already committed themselves to showing again in Cologne on Apr. 27-30 next year. According to an independent survey, 97 percent of the 23,000 visitors felt that it was worthwhile for them to attend the 4-day Optica fair that ended in Cologne yesterday, in spite of the absence of some major Italian producers of eyeglass frames, which are concentrating their investments on the MIDO fair later this week, and of some Chinese suppliers who didn't show up at the last minute. One of the few Italian suppliers who participated in the German fair was happy to have booked large orders from Europe's largest market.

The mood was generally bullish. Many of the 667 exhibitors praised the quality of the visitors, 90 percent of whom were estimated to have been buyers, and 76 percent opticians. Some of them noted increased demand at the fair from Hungary, Poland and other East European countries. About 4,000 visitors came from foreign countries, but not only from neighboring Holland, Denmark and France. A large number of visitors came from North America, Japan and other overseas countries, probably using the Cologne show as a stopover to the larger Milan show where they could get a preview of certain collections.