Oakley plans to set up sales offices and showrooms for its sports eyewear in Rome, Barcelona, Annecy (France), Munich and Stockholm to service the European sports trade, working through dedicated sales reps for all the non-prescription products in the company's range. The new sales network, which is going to cover the whole European market except for the UK, will report to a 35-man office in Zurich managed by Josée Perreault, as previously reported in EWI. She will leave as Oakley's Canadian country manager and go back to Europe next summer to be replaced by her Canadian sales manager, Hillary Harley, a Swiss-born executive who worked until three years ago for the Rossignol Group. The establishment of company-owned Oakley stores in Europe will be part of a new brand marketing strategy, with a focus on France and Spain where franchised Oakley stores were opened and then closed because they did not work out. New Oakley stores are also going to be opened in the UK, where its operations are led directly out of the USA.