Earlier this month, this fast-growing Irish company changed its name to Ocuco and acquired a French software provider in order to facilitate the expansion of its business in Europe. Formerly called OcucoRelcon, the company had bought up four other similar companies over the past two years in the UK and in the USA. Its latest acquisition in France, Aspe II, is described as the company’s doorway to continental Europe, intended to make Ocuco the leader in software for the eyewear sector outside the USA

ASPE II specializes in developing computer software for opticians, ophthalmologists, pharmacies and laboratories in the French eyewear sector. By adding the 550 sites that use ASPE II equipment in France and the French overseas territories, Ocuco will cover 5,650 sites in the UK, Ireland, France and the USA. Ocuco’s top-selling package is Acuitas Enterprise, which is used by Vision Express in 220 outlets across the UK, but it also offers other software packages such as Focus, Labman and Innovations. In France, ASPE II is known for its Lio software for opticians, and for Lia, which is intended for hearing aid laboratories.

In total, Ocuco has roughly 550 stores in the UK and Ireland using Acuitas, and 450 using Focus. The company will be running 1,600 sites on these two programs in these two countries once current expansion plans are completed. There are 3,200 clinics worldwide that use Ocuco Innovations, the software that Ocuco recently bought from Gerber Coburn. Some 50 labs in the UK use Labman, while 50 sites make user of Acuitas for clinical operation. An additional 100 pharmacies work with Ocuco.

Joel Aspe will remain at the helm of ASPE II as president and Eric Huet will act as the new chief executive officer of the Ocuco subsidiary in France. Immediate plans include translating Acuitas software into five different European languages - French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese - in preparation for further European expansion. Ocuco plans to maintain and even expand the ASPE offer to about 2,000 doors in France, and will probably export it to other markets in the near future.

The Irish software specialist has been placed in Deloitte’s list of 500 fastest growing technology companies in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region for the past five years.