OGI Eyewear, a U.S. producer of frames and sun eyewear based in Minneapolis, is now distributing its Seraphin product line directly in Germany. It plans to change it Seraphin sales to a direct distribution mode in all European countries, where it previously worked together with distributors, namely in the Netherlands, Switzerland and the U.K. For countries where it did not sell through a distributor, OGI plans to sell directly from the start, such as in France, starting from March 2013. The company is currently looking into a European office and warehouse, probably to be based in the U.K. and taking care of Seraphin's sales in all European markets. Nine months ago, OGI Eyewear started to distribute its products directly on the Canadian market, and OGI claims that after going direct, sales there grew by 400 percent compared with the same period of the previous year. OGI recorded a sales increase of 38 percent on a global level in 2012. Last but not least, OGI signed a distribution contract with the Rivoli Group, the distributor of Montblanc in the Middle East, in January this year.