One of the first applications of this design investment is a collection of women's eyewear for three age ranges, called 20-30-40 HDA 270° . For women from 25 to 30 the model is called Youth, the 30-to-35 age range has a line called Bloom and the model for 35- to 40-year-olds is Feminine. The temples of the various models have a decorative element with more or less brightly colored acetate to express the various seasons of a woman's life, in the vision of the three artists.

Okia gets the sheets of acetate, which are chiseled to produce the designs, from various producers, including Mazzuchelli. The Hong Kong based company's general manager, Ys Lam, has reported sales in 2010 of 10 million pairs, which represents double-digit growth compared with 2009. The entire production – done in China, not just Hong Kong – is destined for export.