Opal, another French company that is setting up a strategic partnership with Demetz, has found an interesting way of setting foot in the Canadian market. Two years after the launch of an Asian sales office in Hong Kong, it set up its own sales office for the Canadian market last month in the premises of Lanctôt, a big and well-established distributor based in Montreal, which will take care of administration and logistics, and give it a hand on the sales side. Among other activities, Lanctôt distributes Julbo, Menrad's Joop! line and other eyewear collections in Canada.

Opal will have its own sales team to cover Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime Provinces for its own collections of budget-priced glasses under its own brands (Owlet, Oblue, Proximo, Pola By Opal and Lapö) and its glasses for children and teenagers, which are licensed under different brand names: Avengers, Disney Princess, Elevenparis, Little Elevenparis, New York Yankees and Spider-Man. Opal will continue to use another Canadian-based distributor, Optique Prisme, to sell another line of children's eyewear in its portfolio, Tartine & Chocolat, in Canada and the U.S.

At a later stage, Opal's new Canadian office may also take care of Demetz, a French brand of sports goggles and corrective sports eyewear in which the company acquired a 60 percent majority stake in July 2015. Run by François Fort, Opal has its own head office in Lyon, Demetz still has its own office at Villiers-sur-Marne, near Paris, and is independently run by Gilles Demetz.

The two companies have started to share some services for French opticians, presenting their respective collection of children's eyewear to them. They are also working together on marketing. Opal, which has a presence in 70 countries, is only now beginning to work with Demetz in certain foreign countries.