Optic 2000 is entering the market for smart glasses through a commercial partnership with Ellcie-Healthy, a French start-up led by Philippe Peyrard, former managing director of Atol, another French voluntary group of independent opticians. The glasses developed by Ellcie-Healthy are intended to prevent the wearer from falling asleep while driving a vehicle. The frames are equipped with a series of sensors that react to signs of fatigue – eyelids' blinks, yawning or small head drops – and activate a LED light or a buzzer directly in the temples, or a ring on a connected smartphone through a dedicated application. According to the association of French highways (ASFA), falling asleep at the wheel is the prime cause of deadly accidents on the road. The products will initially come out in five designs and five colors and can be fitted with any kind of lenses. Retailing at around €200- €250, they will be available at Optic 2000 stores from April 2018.