Optic 2000 of France is launching a big advertising campaign over €6.63 million to support its newest two-for-the-price-of-one deal, whereby consumers will be able to buy a prescription frame and a pair of sunglasses, both in titanium, for only €199, with a choice among 60 different models. The corrective glasses use Essilor Airwear lenses, with an option for a Crizal coating. The advertising campaign, which was filmed in Cannes, features Johnny Hallyday, the elderly French rockstar, and his wife Laeticia. The campaign is going to be broadcast this year with over 200 spots on major TV channels and magazines. Opticians throughout France will also be distributing around 5 million prospectuses. Optic 2000 has been collaborating with Johnny Hallyday since 1997 on other campaigns targeting ?modern senior citizens.?