Opticien Qui Bouge, a French optical retailer that makes house calls for optical exams and other services, plans to be operating in 30 of France's departments by January. The founder, Gwenaël Merlio, revealed to Acuite.fr that his company's geographic reach would be extended to two new cities per month in 2020, so as to cover 70 to 80 cities by the end of next year. The company will also be expanding its actual services through partnerships with two French companies. It has already signed a contract with Seriniti, a brand of hearing aids, and will be signing soon with Cflou, which provides a variety of aids for impaired vision. The traveling agents of Opticien Qui Bouge will be offering these as supplemental products on a trial basis, especially to customers who have never used any such aids. Cflou, moreover, will dispatch ergonomists to accompany the agents in the field. Opticien Qui Bouge also plans to establish a foundation to provide eyewear to the destitute. Regular customers will have the option of donating their second pair of glasses, normally available for €1. Merlio will be meeting with officials at city halls and social services to help the company find those in need of free eyewear.